Coming under authority

Belief inthe Bible is good, but incomplete.  Satanbelieves the Bible!  We are constantlyurged in scripture to come under its authority (Josh 1:8, II Tim 3:16).  This is simply measured by the degree towhich we apply it to our lives.  As an example, a doctor could not claim to begood if, having learned masses of medical knowledge, he or she chose not to useit, but rather gave random advice!

Some of theways we need to apply scripture go against the modern grain.  We want to chill and enjoy life, reassuringourselves that we have a committed heart. God looks on the heart, we remindourselves.  But how can I say I amcommitted if there is no evidence? “You shall know them by theirfruits”, said Jesus.  When I show nocommitment to local church, have no personal disciplines, and am fleshly in mydealings with others, what does my commitment mean? 

Try livingout a marriage relationship or a business relationship like that!  Myra is not impressed that my heart is fullycommitted to her if I am not willing to make any changes to my life to make ourmarriage work.  In the same way, walkingwith God involves letting go of my rights to exercise my freedom (which we allconstantly want to do) and exercising His rights on my life.  Remember those?  Given when we exchanged death for life?

Come underHis authority.  It is where we belong.

Published by John Sloan

Husband, father, grandfather, teacher, pastor and doctor. I am a keen observer of human behaviour, and an avid follower of Jesus Christ

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